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Welcome to RW Dragon Utilities!

My name is Rüdiger Wilke, I am situated in Germany, and I am a part-time programmer. I have also been a long-term user of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software which has become an inevitable tool early on in my day-to-day profession.

In around 2010, I started creating add-on utilities for Dragon, exploiting certain functionalities and corners which the software doesn’t provide “as is”. So far, most of those utilities have been shared with people on and off, but now I have decided to collect and publish them.

All the applications gathered here are closely tied to and interacting with Dragon. Being true extensions to Dragon, they require Dragon being installed and used on the system. Therefore, if you are not a user of the Dragon speech recognition software, this site will not be for you.

The utilities cover a wide range of targets, and each has its individual concept and usage. They may be assistive, analytical, or maintaining, as an example, and all in all they are there to enhance your experience with the Dragon software.

For an overview, it is suggested to go the Products page where each application is briefly described. From there, you can go to various sections explaining all the details for every program, as well as showing how to get them.

Every application can be tested free-of-charge for 15 days. If you find it useful and want to go on using it, you will need to purchase a license key to activate the software permanently. Pricing details are also given .

For any questions related to installing and activating the programs, refer to the Install Guide section.

Finally, you can always reach out to me and Leave Me a Message here.

Thanks for you interest!

Rüdiger Wilke, November 2017


The currently available applications are listed here. The list will be updated occasionally.

DragonCapture A completely different Dictation Box. Details
DragonEcho An assistive tool primarily for users with low or no vision. Details
DragonPhrases Create powerful and professional specialty vocabularies. Details
DragonBench Find out how fast and accurate Dragon really is. Details
DragonSources Remove orphaned dictation sources in three clicks. Details

Installation & Activation Guide

Installation & Activation Guide (PDF, 28 pages)

Right-click on the link and choose “Save Target as …” in the context menu to download the PDF file.

This guide is a comprehensive, fully-pictorial manual covering all the details involved in getting our applications up and running, as well as activating and deactivating them. Before starting with it, you are well advised to have a look at the manual.

Navigating through the document via hyperlinks has been catered for.

Table of Contents:

  1. Download
  2. Prerequisites (Optional)
    Security Settings and Digital Certificate
    Antivirus Compliance
    Launch Conditions:
    .NET Framework 3.5 (Mandatory)
    Dragon Version (Optional)
  3. Install
  4. Launch and Activate – Trial vs. Permanent Version
  5. Uninstall and Deactivate
  6. Terms and Conditions



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