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DISCLAIMER:   After downloading and installing, registering by email is required.

Update to Version 1.0.358:

Two more changes as of now,

– A minor one: A bug has been fixed where “New Line” and “New Paragraph” tended to produce double line-feeds in the target application, when running in TypeMode;

– A major one: The module keeping track of keyboard focus change , so as to reset the internal dictation buffer and thus force cap/no-space accordingly when switching edit fields, has been enhanced, although not yet fully completed. The research will go on.

Any  previous versions higher than the initial one (1.0.33) can handle the update as an upgrade (no need to uninstall first).

As always, updating is strongly advised.


Update to Version 1.0.356:

– A few glitches in the overall workflow, specifically with regards to “Paste Box” not working properly all the time, have been fixed.

– When switching back and forth between AutoPaste and normal mode, the internal dictation buffer will not be reset any longer; thus, the continuity of the dictation buffer will not be interrupted any longer when switching modes.

– The window has the “Topmost Style” by default now, therefore it will be “Always on Top” from now on.

People running version 1.0.355 already may install this update as an upgrade, no need to uninstall first, for that matter.

We are currently in the middle of doing some videos to demonstrate the basic handling of this utility, which will hopefully help in conveying the underlying concepts more clearly than trying to explain them. (Because the concept is totally different than the native dictation box.)


Update to Version 1.0.355:

As of 10/03/2019, an update is provided, specifically accounting for the feedback from the user base which we received since publishing it three weeks ago.

The current changes include:

  • The installer has been updated now to handling the error when registering DragonCapture with Dragon fails by means of rolling back the entire install. If and when you encounter this error, it will be most likely because you haven’t installed Dragon in the default directories, and you should contact the manufacturer to resolve it.
  • DragonCapture (the underlying dictation object) will now be deactivated whenever you hide the box by saying “Hide Box”. Thus, hiding the box will be equivalent to shutting down DragonCapture through the menu, but this will only be temporary, as DragonCapture will be reactivated when bringing up the box again by saying “Show Box”.
  • In addition to the above, the contents of the box will not be altered (cleared) by hiding the box as it was previously, but will be restored to its state prior to hiding it when bringing up the box again, by saying “Show Box”.
  • An exception to the above is when running in AutoPaste mode. In AutoPaste mode, you can additionally opt for “Allow AutoPaste when hidden”, which, when activated, keeps the dictation object running and going on in the background even while the box is hidden, thus making no change to the activation state of the dictation box as well as treating the contents of the box just as if the box is shown.
  • To that end, another option has been added to the UI which allows for controlling the behaviour of the dictation object when the box is hidden, as per the screen above.
  • Finally, the overall rendering of the UI has been modified to cater for all kinds of DPI and screen size settings, by calculating the metrics involved in creating the box dynamically, and therefore should be rendered appropriately on just any kind of screen.
  • Additionally, the overall design of the box has been modified accounting for all the changes mentioned above as you can see in the screenshot at the top of this page.

To those who are already running the previous version of DragonCapture, do note that the installer now provided is an upgrade install which means that you won’t have to uninstall the previous version 1st before running the update.

By the same token, already existing activations (both trial and permanent activations) will persist after running the upgrade. Do note however, as previously already, prior to running the install you will need to shut down Dragon as it would otherwise interfere with the install, but you will prompted to do so accordingly anyway.

If anyone running a trial already, which may come to an end by the end of the week, wants to go on evaluating it in order to check out the upgrade after their trial expires, please feel free to contact me as I could provide you with a dedicated extended trial key on demand.


The New Frontier of the Dictation Box

DragonCapture has been designed to assist you in dictating into nonSelect-and-Say applications, but unlike the classical Dictation Box, it provides an out of focus box which captures your dictation while you are in the target application.

The entire workflow is fully automated and requires only minimal user interaction. DragonCapture is loaded by Dragon automatically, whenever Dragon is launched or a user profile is loaded, running along with Dragon and ready to be used.

When you start dictating, and if you are in a non-compatible application, DragonCapture will automatically redirect your dication to its box, and format it appropriately, as long as you keep dictating.

When finished, just say “Paste Box” to transfer the contents of the box to your current location (caret position). The box will be cleared, but not closed, so you may just continue using it, until you say “Hide Box”. – “Show Box” will bring it up again then.

This is why it is also referred to as the “Remote & Continuous Dictation Box”. Saying “Paste Box with Space” will prepend a space, but this isn’t always required, as DragonCapture may already handle it, so watch out for this.

If a mistake has been made, say “undo that” – “Restore Box” and start again.

If you want to edit the contents of the box prior to transferring it, you need to activate the box first by saying “Edit Box”. Before pasting it over to the target application, you will need to switch back to it, however.

That’s because “Paste Box” cannot be used inside the box, as DragonCapture wouldn’t know where to paste it. (To some extent, you can even remote edit the box, but be warned that you may get undefined behavior when doing so.)

Additionally, a copy of the box contents will always be in the clipboard whenever the box is cleared, either by executing “Paste Box” or by clearing it at will by saying “Clear Box”. Therefore, the previous contents of the box can easily be retrieved by saying “Restore Box” at any time, or pasted just anywhere by calling the clipboard directly.

With “AutoPaste” switched on, every utterance will be transferred instantly whenever you pause (at the end or your utterance), and with no further interaction required. Some of the features described above are obviously not available in this mode, though.

Lastly, when invoking “TypeMode”, transferring the text will not be facilitated by cutting and pasting, but by simulating keystrokes instead.

And finally, if you want to terminate DragonCapture during the Dragon session, say “Shut Down DragonCapture”, or use the menu. To start it again, the user profile must be reloaded or Dragon must be restarted.

Current Version: 1.0.358 Last Updated: 24/03/2019 30 Day Free Trial – Full Version $25
Download Trial/Full Version   Order a License Key